Top Travel Guitars 2020 Reviewed – #3 is Best Overall

Whether it’s cooking by the fire, a spontaneous jam session with friends in the garage, or just a quiet afternoon enjoying your artistic side in the park, a good acoustic guitar that moves easily while maintaining sound quality can certainly help.

And when it comes to the best street guitars, you don’t have to compromise on the quality of construction, playability, deep acoustic sound or the ability to support a melody. There are many modern acoustic guitars that are excellent travel companions, whether it’s their small size, their light weight or their ability to be beaten by airport security.

Best Travelling Guitars: Our pictures

What makes a good street guitar?

There are countless different styles and types of guitars, some of which are specially designed for travel. But what features and possibilities does a guitar need to have to be suitable for travel? Here are a few things to consider:

  • Compact size. It’s not always possible to take a full-size guitar with you when travelling, especially if you fly or travel with a backpack. There are ultra-compact guitars designed for mobile use, but a good guitar on a smaller scale is also an option.
  • Sustainability. Let’s face it, your travel guitar’s gonna hit a little. It doesn’t matter which guitar you play, you have to be able to resist violence.
  • Noise level. What this means for you depends on your needs. If you want to play with other musicians, you need a good mini guitar that can produce sufficient volume. If you need a guitar to practice quietly in a hotel room, it’s best to choose something quieter. There are even special guitars that are almost silent, but offer a complete acoustic experience simply by connecting headphones.

There are tons of guitars on the market that mark these tics, some good, some not so good. Here’s a brief description of our favourite acoustics for music on the go.

Our favourite comments about the Tourgitaar

1. CLOS carbon fibre street guitar

Product image of KLOS guitars

Product image of KLOS guitars

The KLOS carbon fiber mobile guitar has almost everything you could wish for in a portable guitar. Introduced as part of the highly successful Kickstarter series of campaigns, KLOS is an incredibly playable, full-length guitar with a detachable neck and high-tech carbon fibre resistance. And despite its compact size, this guitar has a ton of volume and a nice sound.

Besides, the KLOS guitar is just an explosion. The neck and the action are very comfortable, and the low weight allows you to play for several hours. With a full scale of 24-¾, the KLOS guitar is perfect for experienced players who need a rugged guitar to travel with. But thanks to its small size and ease of use, it is also ideal for beginners or children just starting to play the guitar.

KLOS guitars were founded by the brothers Jan and Adam Klosovyak, and their guitars are handmade in Utah. For a good sounding, packed guitar that doesn’t have to worry about getting a bit out on the street, it’s very hard to beat KLOS.

2. Street Guitar AG-200EQ Acoustic Electric Guitar

Travel Guitar AG-200EQ Acoustic Electric Guitar, Black

Traveler Guitar is a company that makes the best and most innovative travel guitars you can find. Traveler Guitar, born in 1992, started as a project of choice and soon became a thriving brand where travelling guitarists from all over the world were fixed on their own guitar. Your beautiful Traveler Guitar AG-200EQ offers the sound and feel of a full-size acoustic guitar in a compact, easy-to-carry package.

The Traveler Guitar is able to do this without a doll and with some innovations in body design. But this guitar buys nothing, let alone sounds. The mahogany neck, back and sides and solid spruce top produce an amazing sound that puts many traditional guitars in an embarrassing position. This guitar also has a built-in headphone amplifier and is easy to store in the airline’s overhead compartments when stored in the included soft concert bag.

3. Transit Voyage-Air Series VAOM-02 Foldable Acoustic Guitar

Transit Voyage-Air Series VAOM-02 Foldable acoustic guitar model

What’s that? A life-size acoustic guitar that’s easy to fold for travel? Absolutely! The VAOM-2 Voyage-Air-Transit series is a complete 25.5 inch guitar with a specially designed fourteen-handed loop that can easily be folded and packed in two. And he even manages to stay on the wave.

If innovative travel design is the most important selling point, then the VAOM-2 is a solid guitar in itself. The neck, back and sides are made of mahogany, as well as a laminated pinewood soundboard, which gives it a very special sound. Reproducibility is good, but you may have to get used to a larger whiteboard.

There are better guitars in this price range, but none match the portability of this guitar. And smaller, cheaper street guitars simply don’t have the same timbre and volume as full-size speakers. If you travel a lot, the Voyage-Air VAOM-2 is the best choice for a full-size acoustic guitar you can take anywhere.

4. Mini folk guitar Yamaha JR1

Acoustic guitar Yamaha FG JR1 size 3/4 with large bag - (of course)

The Yamaha JRI mini folk guitar in a compact package combines the power, projection, sound and convenience of a ¾ case and offers super high value. But smaller doesn’t mean you have to cut corners and edges.

The JR1 features a durable spruce top and the lightness for which Yamaha is known. The JR1 is not only one of the best acoustic guitars on the road, it also has a dual function: Its classic and reduced shape makes it the perfect tool to teach children how to place their fingers correctly on the chords.

5. Tourist dishwasher Guitar

Washburn RO10 Rover Steel String Touring Acoustic Guitar - natural)

The Washburn Rover is another roving loudspeaker whose characteristic speaker delivers a large projected sound in a compact package. Washburn is also the only acoustic guitar on our list specially designed for installation in the overhead bins of airplanes. For a musician who has to burn miles for frequent flights, it is an important asset.

The solid mahogany body and neck ensure that the sound quality matches the volume of the rover. Thanks to all this, my favourite feature of the Washburn Rover is the 24-inch full-size neck shell, hard to find in the acoustic guitar category, which is useful for travelers.

5 Extra large acoustic street guitars View

  • Martin Backpacker travel guitar. Mahogany travel guitar by the famous luthier Martin.
  • Cordoba Mini on nylon string acoustic travel guitar. Beautiful small guitar for players with nylon strings.
  • Yamaha SLG200S Silent steelstring guitar. This full-size, almost silent guitar is perfect for practice when you can’t make much noise. Add headphones for training time or connect an amplifier in case of traffic jams.
  • Martin LXM Little Martin. Affordable small size guitar by cult guitarist Martin. You can’t go wrong.
  • Ultralight street guitar. Another almost silent guitar in its original size, the absence of the grandmother, makes it ultra compact.


When it comes to portable musical instruments, there isn’t much that can embellish a collection as much as the acoustics of a trip. And the guitars on this list prove that you don’t have to sacrifice quality for portability.

If you need something more compact, a good, inexpensive guitar that can take a beating, or something that fits in the upper compartment, a good travel acoustics will satisfy your needs. Try one of the above models and take your music with you on your journey.



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