Fender Champion’s 20 Watt Amp Review

Mudguard master 20


It’s a 20-watt Fender Champion guitar amp – a very popular amp for small workouts. While other amplifiers in this price range offer naked bone and 10 watts, Fender Champion offers 20 watts of integrated effects, simulation amplifiers and a cult brand. Well, let’s see.

Features of the Fender Champion 20 Watts :

Get ready for a pretty impressive list of features for such an affordable amplifier:

  • 8″ Speaker
  • Control.
    • Tom
    • I’ll be damned.
    • Voice (12 amp voice, adjustable between the following styles)
      • Tweed
      • Black face
      • British
      • Metal
    • Triple
    • Bass
    • Exchange rate level
    • FX (selectable on the dial)
      • Reverb – Glee Club
      • Choir
      • Flanger
      • Delay + Speed
      • Wa
      • Tremello
      • Vibatone
    • Press this button to adjust the delay and tremolo effects.
  • Input connection
  • Headphone output
  • Help input

Wow. It’s just that… You have to realize that for an amplifier in this price range, a phenomenal amount of technology and functionality is available at the push of a button. The dials work very well and make it possible to switch from one tone to the other.

Bumper camp 20 Ampere tuning

One of the most unique and exciting features of the Fender Champion 20 is the sound of the amplifier. Dialing Voice has 4 zones. Tweed, Black Face, British and Metal. Although there are 4 options, you can actually move the scale around these areas and amplify a particular voice. This is consistent with what Fender claims to be 12 amp voices. Right next to this control unit is a light that alternates between green and red. This allows you to determine when each voice in each zone is activated.

For those who are not familiar with the terms used by Fender, here is a brief overview of the different amplification voices.

Tweed –refers to the wing tones from the 1940s to the early 1960s. A famous time when Fender became famous thanks to its excellent amplifiers, which had a beautifully pure sound that could amplify the bang that could be heard in many songs of the time. Some of the most famous two amps are Bassman, Princeton and Twin Deluxe.

Blackface –After the two amp, Fender has introduced a new type of amplifier, with controls with a black cap and black Tolex (vinyl). At that time, new patterns and aesthetics arose, which are still visible today.

British – Fender offers other sounds from other places, like Vox. This allows you to cover both American and British sounds, which means you can get a wide range of voices for your game.

Metal – Choosing a metal voice gives much more amplification, and although this is not the main power of this amplifier, it is more than acceptable as a metal tone.
Mudguard master 20


Some people like to model amplifiers with side effects, others do not. Let us put this debate aside for a moment and acknowledge the quality of the sound of this grand piano.

Personally, I was very surprised at the volume of the sounds you can get from this amplifier. It’s like having a device with multiple effects (like the Zoom G3X) at your fingertips. I found these fantastic sounds for the purpose for which this amplifier was designed. If you think this amplifier is probably not a microphone and is used in a concert hall – or to record an album – look at the sounds from a different angle. You’re awesome! There are dozens of nuances for new musicians or for the melodic exercise. It’s so much fun to work with the amplifier voices and the side effects. I found out that every new note reminds me of a song I know, so I play it.


Tweed and blackface tones are my favorites, especially with light amplification and the addition of reverb. Due to the small size of the cabinet, any high amplification sound will be difficult to reach great depths. In that sense, the metal tones were fine, but don’t compare it to something like the Blackstar HT5R, because comparing prices is an unfair comparison.


The effects control works in exactly the same way as the voices in the amplifier. You move the phone in the settings and the melody has more impact. The treble and delay effects can be adjusted with the Tap key. Just touch it to the rhythm you want and the time will be set accordingly. It’s very simple.

The wa effect was probably my least favorite, although I’m a little prejudiced… I really can’t stand the effects of autowah.

One of the problems that some players may encounter is that the effects are grouped in such a way that you can’t use certain effects at the same time. For example, you can’t have a choir and a flanger together, which may not be intentional, but it’s a limitation. However, Fender naturally wanted things to be simple, so they looked at what effects the players liked to work together and just put them together on one amplifier. I wish I had a clean reverb myself, but you can’t have everything.


For a lamp of this price, the Fender Champion 20 Watt offers a huge price. Good performance, onboard effects, voice amplifier, headphones, aux-in! Seriously, it’s hard to beat Fender’s offer.




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