KLOS Travel Guitar Review – Detailed Buying Guide 2020

Every musician who travels knows the fight. That beautiful full-size speaker you like so much doesn’t quite work on the road. It’s heavy and cumbersome to wear. It takes up too much space in the trunk, otherwise they won’t let you take it on the plane, so you’ll have to pay an exorbitant price to place it with your checked baggage.

In addition, the constant changes in humidity and temperature associated with travel can affect the wooden body of your guitar. You should at least think about changing settings and intonations, in extreme cases this can even lead to damage.

Get in the KLOS guitar. This full-size mobile carbon fiber guitar is designed to eliminate the worst problems that can occur when traveling with a guitar. And it promises to do so without compromising the tone, volume or playing characteristics of your favourite speaker.

We’ve been playing this innovative instrument for over a month and we feel that the KLOS guitar is completely in line with the excitement. Read on to understand why we think it’s generally the best guitar for traveling, camping, hiking or just typing.

What is a KLOS guitar?

KLOS carbon fibre street guitar


  • Compact and portable design
  • Super strong carbon fiber body
  • Removable screw around the neck
  • Excellent sound and reproducibility.
  • Perfect for travel, camping, hiking and adventure.

The KLOS-guitar is a mini battle-style travel guitar. With a full-size removable neck and carbon fiber body, you can take this guitar on the road without worries or compromises.

KLOS guitars were founded by the brothers Adam and Jan Klosovyaks, and their guitar is a direct answer to general questions about wooden guitars and street guitars. Inspired by several highly successful launch campaigns, the KLOS guitar uses innovative designs and aerospace materials to create a durable, portable guitar that sounds great and can be played explosively. Every KLOS guitar is handmade in Utah.

Properties and specifications

Carbon fiber cabinet and soundboard


The KLOS guitar has a body that is made entirely of incredibly strong carbon fibre. Carbon fiber is a material of the cosmic age, which is used when only the strongest and lightest materials can do it. Carbon fibre is widely used in the aerospace industry, the automotive industry and top-level sports.

This means that the KLOS guitar is not only very durable, but also does not react to changes in temperature and humidity. This means that the device is more stable and can be installed and configured independently of the environment.

The soundboard is a unique sandwich of two thin layers of carbon fibre with foam in the middle. This combination of materials creates a soundboard that resembles a wooden soundboard in sound.

Detachable neck

If the KLOS is not compact enough, the neck can easily be removed. Simply loosen the four screws that secure the neck to the bag and you get an even smaller bag that fits in the upper compartment or belt of your backpack.

Three KLOS guitar versions

The KLOS guitar is available in three versions – Acoustic, Acoustic/Electric and Deluxe – with additional options and accessories you can add. Here are the specifications for each of them:

Updates and additions

In the future, you’ll be able to equip your KLOS guitar with carbon fibre rods that will further strengthen your guitar and help keep it stable in all conditions.

You can also expand the accessory package, which consists of a concert bag, rain cover, neck sleeve, hood and a custom belt.

Sound and volume

It’s easy to make the mistake of thinking that a miniature guitar and not a wooden guitar in the sound department just can’t stand it. But the KLOS guitar has an incredible sound.

The sound it produces isn’t directly comparable to that of a solid wood guitar – it doesn’t have the same complexity and richness of sound as a vintage Martin guitar. But it’s not so bad. The KLOS guitar is a different kind of guitar, and it projects a special sound that is beautiful to hear.

The more we played KLOS, the more we appreciated its sound, and the more we wanted to play it just for the timbre. The rest of our guitars were a bit neglected while we had these.

The sound is hard to describe – almost like the sound of an acoustic guitar combined with the sweetness of pure electricity. But no matter how you describe it, that guitar sounds good.

We were very impressed with the volume of the KLOS guitar, especially with a guitar of this size. This little guitar can be surprisingly loud if you want to, but it’s also very easy to step back and play quietly when you’re in a place where you can’t turn it on. These two features are ideal for a wandering musician who wants to spend one night with friends and play the next night in a hotel room.



The KLOS guitar has a mahogany C-shaped neck and is fully operational before shipment. The neck feels good in the hand – it is essential but very easy to grasp, and the operation of our research model was quite close to perfection.

We had a lot of fun improvising on this guitar, which we think is the biggest test of the game. KLOS is just an explosive device that is very hard to get hold of once you’ve started.

If you like to play this guitar, you might have a little problem with it. Despite the fact that this is a full-fledged guitar, the body touches the neck sooner than a guitar of normal size. The absence of Kutaway makes it difficult to get really high fries. This can be a problem with any small guitar, so we don’t stop at any time.

All in all, playing the KLOS guitar is a lot of fun. And thanks to its spacious design, it doesn’t need to be modified as often as a wooden guitar, so KLOS retains its first-class performance much longer than traditional speakers.

Portability and durability

The KLOS guitar is compact enough as it is, but offers the extra possibility to remove the neck and take it with you wherever you need it. If the neck is removed and the guitar is put in the concert bag, the whole bag is only 15 x 12 and weighs about 3 pounds.

And since this guitar is made of carbon fiber, you don’t have to worry about his hits. Ideal in a concert bag instead of a large suitcase. The compact size and sturdy carbon fiber body make traveling with your guitar much less stressful.

We didn’t have the courage to try it ourselves, but KLOS has a lot of videos showing how their guitar is used as a baseball bat and golf club, how they are beaten on national television and even how they are beaten by a Prius – and they come out completely unharmed.

And because the KLOS guitar greatly reduces the anxiety factor and is so easy to carry and store, we have noticed that we play much more guitar than we normally do when we travel. That makes him the winner of our book.


The KLOS guitar is our best choice among the best touring guitars. It offers a full-size neck in a compact size, exceptional sound and playability, and thanks to its solid carbon body, you don’t have to worry too much about the sound of this guitar.

If you are a frequent traveler, tourist, porter or adventurer looking for a guitar that sounds great and fun to play and can easily go on tour, look no further than KLOS. Its small size, detachable collar and the included concert bag make it the ideal travel companion. The compact size and light weight of this guitar make it a perfect instrument for children or beginners to learn to play.

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