Orange Crush Pix CR12L Ampere Review

Orange CR12L

Solar amplifiers are probably the most characteristic amplifiers on the market. Other brands may be more massively present on the market, but few have a WOW Orange Shell factor, whose facade is a vintage style of basket weaving. The Orange Crush series offers affordable solid-state amplifiers for education. The Orange Crush Pix CR12L is a 12 Watt combination that provides a single channel with a unique multi-amplification system. All this in a characteristic orange atmosphere.


Just like the Marshall MG15CF, the orange CR12L is an amplifier for those who don’t want to concentrate on sound. With the exception of the gain controls, there are no effects on board. Let’s take a look at the features:

  • 6″ Spokesperson
  • Control.
    • Tom
    • Triple
    • Environment
    • Bass
    • Restart
    • I’ll be damned.
  • Headphone output Sound

Nothing in the list of functions of this amplifier can be explained, except the double amplification controls. Overdrive pushes the sound up a bit, ideal for clean sounds and when you need more than just clean sound. Happiness is a pure distortion. Choose it for rock and metal. I think they’re both doing very well, just like Marshall picking up the pieces, I think.

The 3 group sequalizer is perfect for your needs, and I had fun getting interesting light shades. By experimenting with the operation of my amplifier and the tone control of my guitar I was able to achieve a wide range of nuances. Adding a reverb or choir pedal (see our article on the best choir pedals) would provide a really solid and clean sound amplifier. Many people claim that a 12W amplifier is impressively powerful, and they are right. I don’t know if it’s the design of the cabinet, the way the circuits control the 6-inch speaker, or something magical – but the volume of this small speaker is quite remarkable.


The orange amplifiers are classic, robust and of high quality. The Orange Crush Pix CR12L embodies all these advantages in an affordable package. Its simple design, ease of use and surprisingly high power make it a real competitor in this market.


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