Yamaha F335 Review of Acoustic Guitar

The Yamaha C40 is probably one of the most popular guitars for beginners. In fact almost every guitarist I date usually has an old C40 they studied or stayed for the occasional drunken jam session. What makes the C40 such a beautiful entry-level guitar? First impressions At first glance, the C40 is an unpretentious tool. … Read more

Fender Frontman 212R Acoustic guitar amp

Guitarists have always had a love-hate relationship with solid state amplifiers. On the one hand, they can hardly hold the candle to their fellow tubers in terms of sound quality, but on the other hand, they are generally more reliable and generally cheaper. And although purists may have objections, there’s a lot to be said … Read more

Do I really need a guitar amp?

M Every guitarist is asked at some point why there are certain amplifiers for acoustic guitars.  Why not just connect an acoustic guitar to an electric guitar amplifier and vice versa?  Is it just mambo jumbo marketing to get you to spend more money?  What if you have an electric guitar amplifier and want to … Read more

Fender Champion 600 Acoustic Guitar Amp

The best thing about tube amps is that they produce a rich, organic sound, no matter how far away they are from the market; a performance that even the most advanced solid-state amplifiers can hardly imitate. The disadvantage is that most tube amplifiers are too bulky and powerful for practical home use – until recently. … Read more

KLOS Travel Guitar Review – Detailed Buying Guide 2020

Every musician who travels knows the fight. That beautiful full-size speaker you like so much doesn’t quite work on the road. It’s heavy and cumbersome to wear. It takes up too much space in the trunk, otherwise they won’t let you take it on the plane, so you’ll have to pay an exorbitant price to … Read more

Orange Crush Pix CR12L Ampere Review

O Solar amplifiers are probably the most characteristic amplifiers on the market. Other brands may be more massively present on the market, but few have a WOW Orange Shell factor, whose facade is a vintage style of basket weaving. The Orange Crush series offers affordable solid-state amplifiers for education. The Orange Crush Pix CR12L is … Read more