Review of VOX Pathfinder 10W Combo Amp


the bull is one of the most famous names in fortification. Founded in the 1940s, the Vox sound became famous through The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Edge (U2) and countless others. The Vox Pathfinder 10W combination is a vintage amplifier that will not break your budget. Let’s test the characteristics and tone of this little ripper of a big name in music.

VOX Tracker Features

As with other 10W amplifiers in this category, the power is not huge, but often surprising. Specifications of the Vox Pathfinder 10w :

  • 10 watts
  • 6.5″ Spokesperson
  • Control.
    • Tom
    • I’ll be damned.
    • Cleaning of switches / shielding
    • Triple
    • Bass
  • Input connection
  • Output managed by line/headset

VOX Pathfinder I like the functions here, the Clean/Overdrive switch makes it possible to quickly switch from clean to overdrive mode. With a gain control you can record a clear sound, and with a two-band equalizer you can adjust the sound a little to your liking.

Queues are not common in this amplifier series. According to Vox, this output is a filtered line suitable for recording or use in headphones. By using this output, the speaker is turned off, which is ideal for headphones, but also for the output to a recording device.

The real highlight of the Vox Pathfinder is its vintage look. Compared to other, less well-known brands, which can have a very general appearance, Vox has the appearance of an antique amplifier. The famous mesh forehead gives it a unique look.



The Vox is famous for its lively tones. The cleaning on Vox Pathfinder 10W is really brilliant. If you’re not a fan of the super-clear sound, it’s easier to reset the treble, it will soften. With the gain control I wanted to add some amplification to the pure sound. The crunch was pretty good, good for the rhythm of the blues and the lead.

By activating the overload switch, Vox starts to deform. The absence of a single-channel amplifier means that you must press the Overdrive button and use the Gain control if you want super-clear sound (i.e. the Gain control down) and then a high distortion gain.

One of the surprises I got was that it sounds very good with acoustic guitars. So if you sell an acoustic guitar (read our article about this guitar first), it’s definitely worth a look.

Tracker VOX Stop

The name Vox means you are buying a quality product. Add to that a sophisticated set of functions… Vox speaker system, made in England, overload selector and equalizer. It’s a small, superior amplifier. The only missing feature (found in other similar amplifiers) is the Aux input, although I think the sound quality compensates for this.


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