Taylor 214ce Review of Acoustic Guitar

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Discussion of the Taylor 214ce acoustic guitar

Manufacturer: Taylor

Model: 214ce

Our valuation:

Taylor guitars are just like BMW in the guitar world. They are not too fashionable or too pretentious, but they are smooth, elegant and treated like a dream. And I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t think twice about sacrificing a finger or two to get one of Taylor’s masterpieces. Actually, the only bad thing I have to say about their guitars is that they’re not cheap.

This suggests that the 200 series guitars Taylor recently introduced may be the solution to this problem. Compared to most high-end guitars Taylor offers, these guitars are much more affordable and still retain Taylor’s superior construction and sound quality. I even think they offer a better price-quality ratio than most other guitars from other manufacturers in the same price range. Today we take a closer look at Taylor’s 214ce acoustic-electric guitar, which is almost unofficially the flagship of Taylor’s 200 series.

First impressions

There’s no denying that quality guitar playing gives a certain security to your playing, if only from a visual point of view. And Taylor 214 is definitely one of them. The Sitka spruce soundboard has a high quality gloss finish, but what really sets the 214ce apart in terms of aesthetics is the beautiful satin finish of the multi-layer rosewood sides and back. Ebony also gives the guitar suppleness and a pleasant feel.

Body composition

Taylor 214ce Acoustic Guitar 200 Series, Rosewood, Grand Auditorium, Kutaway, ES-T

The plywood structure is the only detail of the DLX 214ce installation. As one of the archetypes of Taylor’s guitar, he can easily get you where you want to go. Sitka spruce, as well as laminated rosewood and sapele handle, ebony veneer and rosewood veneer headgear form this beauty.


What I like about the large Auditorium 214ce is that it offers the depth and richness of the traditional battleship sound, but also looks and sounds much thinner. Technically, the body of the 214ce has the same length and width as one of Taylor’s dreadnoughts, but you can certainly feel the difference in a seated living environment. The style of the large chamber shell also helps to clarify the definition of each note, making the 214ce an excellent choice for different playing styles.

As for the overall sound of the 214ce, it sounds exactly as you would expect from a quality speaker and combines depth and clarity surprisingly well. The resonance of the solid Sitka pinewood soundboard perfectly matches the resonance of the multi-layer rosewood on the sides and back, creating a surprisingly open yet saturated sound.

A universal guitar with an extraordinary versatility, that’s how you define this guitar. The underside is flawless when it is either fingertip or flat. Although the Maxima is unacceptably brilliant and meets clearly defined requirements, it lacks some harmonic complexity, although only the most experienced professionals can notice this.

On the other hand, the laminate on the sides and back is very useful for sound projection, but as it gets older, it may not look as promising as if another material has been used to make it.


The 214ce is equipped with Taylor’s exclusive ES-T electronic system, which combines string resonance with cabinet resonance and, when connected, reproduces the sound of the acoustic guitar with surprising precision. Like most high-end guitars, the preamp section does not have a tuner and features a simple and elegant rotary knob system that allows you to adjust bass, treble and volume. The ES-T electronics are powered by a 9-volt battery, which is placed underneath the guitar, keeping the top of the guitar smooth and supple.

Available colours

Taylor 214ce is available in a natural, black and sunny version. See the table below for more information.

Photo Color Wood More information
Taylor 214ce Acoustic Guitar Nature Yeah, of course.    
Public Taylor 214ce Deluxe Grand - black, Sapel back and sides Black    
Taylor 214ce Deluxe Grand Auditorium wElectronics - Sunrise Sunbeam    


The best thing about Taylor’s guitars is that they come almost ready to play from the factory. The 214 I tried was beautifully tuned, and the action was incredibly simple, without the buzzing of the strings. The 214ce is also equipped with Taylor’s high quality tuners, allowing the guitar to stay in time, which is always an advantage for players who play long performances.

The quality of construction, as you know, is remarkable for Taylor guitars in general. The only reason to doubt its durability is plywood, which consists of the back and sides, but has no influence on the sound or grain of the guitar.


At the release Taylor 214ce received a warm welcome in the music scene. People love him, and for good reason. Its durability, majestic and saturated tone and unobtrusive consistency are just some of the reasons why customers appreciate it.

It is also described that it is best to use it during a spell or workout, but in a small space it can easily shine under the spotlight. Exceptional acoustics are the result of exceptional craftsmanship and an excellent choice of materials.

This guitar does not have many disadvantages, but there are a few that have to be taken into account. Plywood is not a problem in terms of sound or durability, but it ages more slowly and is less promising.

Skilled workers

  • An absolutely pleasant sound.
  • The best quality and value
  • It’s a fun, fun game.
  • Impressive know-how


  • A high price for the average citizen
  • Laminated wood can lead to bad, but not bad, aging of the wood.

Value / Startup

Given the excellent construction and quality of the 214ce tone, it would be difficult to find the best tool for the same price. It has a variety of features that count for its versatility, playfulness and durability. It may be a little more expensive than it seems, but even then appearances can be deceptive, because 214 is worth its weight in gold.


Given the excellent mounting and tonal quality of the 214ce, it would be difficult to find the best tool for the same price.

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