What’s the best parlor guitar ever? We reviewed the best of the 24

The purpose of this guide is to answer this question: What’s the best saloon guitar for me? I offer you a range of different products with different functions in different price ranges. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!

Other notable features include an open-gear chrome tuner package, a smooth finish to the sunburst, a rosewood deck with offset saddle and white pegs, and rosewood plywood.

In the aesthetics segment, this type is slightly larger on the sunny side, sporty, with a nice natural finish, combined with some of the largest ever. Note: although there is a special case for this guitar, it is sold separately and is therefore not included in the mentioned price.

In the aesthetic part we like the combination of the dark brown finish and the contrast with the white striking plate and the cream-coloured tuners. The price is reasonable and we can easily say that our expectations have been exceeded. That’s a good thing!

To raise the bar, we would like to introduce you to a very high quality vintage saloon guitar – Oscar Schmidt’s O315. What we see here is, apart from the beautiful classical painting, the body of a trunk with a spruce leaf.

Of course it’s a combination of exotic sounds, but it probably works. In fact, it’s one of our best options for classical guitarists looking for six full-size strings to match their favourite tone.

The sound is largely controlled by the treble, although there are more than enough bass frequencies to prevent the instrument from sounding too dry. It goes without saying that this is a living room acoustic guitar, so don’t expect it to sound like a battleship acoustic guitar. We still see a lot of warmth, which makes the six strings ideal for playing melody and chords.

Other notable features include a mahogany collar with a rosewood vulture, 18 frescoes and white-pointed marquetry. The neck is playful on one side, but very strong on the other, which is handy if you plan to travel with this man. For the advertised price we are looking for a very good offer and one of the best cheap lounging guitars on the market.

Record King RPH-05

Manufacturer: The King of Recording

A model: RPH-05

Our valuation:

King Recording RPH 05 Dirty thirtytyth solid top single O

The stuff looks cheap and good, it’s cheap – but – it sounds great! The Recording King RPH-05 uses white wood on the back and sides, mixed with a solid pinewood soundboard and X-mount on the front.

What surprised us about this man was not only the sound quality, but also the versatility. It’s not just a blues jam machine, it’s a really solid guitar that allows you to play in any style and genre. The sound is full and clear, and although it’s not $2,000 Martin, it does an excellent job in creating organic acoustic guitar sounds.

The neck is made of Nato and combined with a classic rosewood top, which gives a decent result and an acceptable play. The mix also includes a rosewood bridge, a sunburst satin finish, the classic Recording King pickup and a vintage tuning set.

The factor that makes this package complete as a Star Deal is of course the price. Here we say less than $200, and it’s amazing to get an instrument for such a small amount of money that really can be used not only for training but also for live performances and recording sessions. Many thanks to the manufacturer for this!

ECO Guitars NXT Series

Manufacturer: Guitars EKO

Model: NXT series

Our valuation:

Eco Guitars NXT Series 06217030 Floating Acoustic Guitar

Here’s the handsome one! Further on in the $300 range we would like to draw your attention to the EKO 06217030 guitar, a modern monster full of vintage charm. Available in black and natural finish, the guitar uses an all-agathis-style case combined with a sturdy neck and 25.5-inch shell.

In the scale, the sound is first loud and clear. The guitar resonates, is full of powerful mid tones and is almost silent. A classic rosewood plate with 20 slats and a characteristic marker X 12th is used. Other notable features include a rosewood bridge and a fluted head with first-class open machine heads.

Despite the appearance of this type – star and worthy of the professionals, it should be noted that he does not exaggerate too much, and that he is still a beginner on the instrument in the middle.

If you need a guitar you want to take with you on a trip and you don’t have too much to worry about, or if you’re a student on a limited budget, then this six-string guitar is more than the right choice. If you need more, see the Higher Budget tab in the next section.

Perfume guitar Less than $500

Large Gull Guitar

Manufacturer: Seagull

A model: Main coasts

Our valuation:

Large coastline of seagull guitars

By bringing it all together, we offer you the traditional values of the crispy Chaika guitar combined in a more compact package. We’re looking at the Grand Guitar Company Shoreline, which is made in North America. With a choice of pressure-tested cedar tops and cherry back and sides, this instrument can compete with some of the best vintage cabin guitars.

The sound is soft, warm and old-fashioned, yet rich and delicate thanks to modern values of craftsmanship. The neck is made of soft maple, which brightens up the sound and brings some of the clarity we were talking about.

In the aesthetics department, six strings provide a smooth feel and a strong vintage vibration effect, while the characteristic seagull shadow is added thanks to the characteristic small main bearing.

The guitar uses a double action bar, a rosewood bridge with white pegs and a rosewood vulture with 21 fries and double point markings on 12 friesand .

We also look at the Tusqnut and the compensated saddle – two important features that make the action and intonation of this animal much higher than the crowd. You can play the coastline right out of the box, you don’t have to tune it, you just jam it!

Alvarez Artist series AP70

Manufacturer: Alvarez

A model: Artist Series AP70

Our valuation:

AP70 series Alvarez Artist's Guitar with natural shine

The Alvarez AP70, considered one of the best examples of classical guitar in the world, is a great success and is exceptionally clear. Driven by resonance and a strong timbre, this guitar is characterized by its amazing sound quality.

This is a class A spruce soundboard, hand selected, solid and satin-finished, with a first class rosewood back and sides, jagged supports and mother-of-pearl inlays. The choice of material is hardly ever skipped, thanks to a set of heavy tuners that can withstand prolonged tuning and a two-storey bridge made of Alvarez-coloured rosewood. These components make the guitar shine and provide the best soundtrack.

In terms of timbre, the rosewood case is known for its characteristic midrange punch and clarity, but the guitar does well to produce a versatile and complete audio attack thanks to the warm bass and glossy top case.

As far as the neck is concerned, we are dealing with a solid piece of mahogany, which we think is the most important ingredient for this well rounded sound. Moreover, this wood is strong and resistant, which makes the neck much less sensitive to bending. If you travel often with a guitar, this will be of great value.

Alvarez AP66SB Artist 66 Series

Manufacturer: Alvarez

A model: AP66SB Artist Series 66

Our valuation:

Alvarez AP66SB Artist 66 series Acoustic Swing Guitar

As another valid option of the mighty Alvarez we decided to bring forward the AP66SB Artist 66 series. This time the company decided to use solid African mahogany for the top, back and sides, and a thin mahogany collar. This combination has created a lush boom and resonance, bringing the guitar up to the level of almost any full-size six-string guitar you can imagine.

The sound is full of all frequencies, lots of volume and resonance, yet enough articulation and responsiveness to allow the player to perceive the sound in the direction he wants.

Among other notable features, we consider a classic rosewood vulture board with 18 frescoes and a characteristic inlay for 12 incense sticks . Very good work, and the noise level of the lines is kept to a minimum. In addition, the guitar has a rosewood bridge with black pins and a set of six high-quality cast tuners, which are divided into three groups on the head of the guitar.

For the list price, which is less than $400, this is one of our best teams. That’s a good thing!

Guitar La Patrie, pattern

Manufacturer: La Patria

A model: Pattern

Our valuation:

The guitar pattern of La Patrie

Made in North America, our next choice is the Six-Step pattern of La Patrie. What’s really remarkable about this instrument is the comfort factor – we took it out for a short lap and got stuck for a few hours without realising how much time had passed.

In addition to the masterfully crafted mahogany neck, one of the most important comfort features is the radiant rosewood fingerboard, making these strings one with your hands.

Further on we look at the mahogany back and sides in combination with a cedar top. As you may have noticed, this combination is not uncommon among street guitars as it gives a good boost to the little guys in the bass department and offers a rounder sound despite its small size.

In terms of appearance, the instrument has a good dose of classical and elegant vibration, with a natural wood surface and a decorated base. For better intonation, the manufacturer has installed an impact nut and a compensated saddle. In general, it is a professional tool at an affordable price, bravo!

Art & Lutherry Amy Cedar Antique Splash

Manufacturer: Amy Art and Lutheranism

A model: Pattern

Our valuation:

Art of the acoustic guitar and antique dealer Lutherry Amy in cedar wood.

On a walk in the wilderness with wild cherries we bring you the Art & Lutherie Ami Cedar guitar, a vintage monster full of old school charm. This Canadian made instrument uses a high quality silver maple neck, combined with a rosewood vulture, 18 frescoes and lace inserts.

If you haven’t understood a pun, the body combines a wild cherry tree on the back and sides with a cedar top. The result of this combination is a warmer, slightly softer sound, which offers more resonance and slightly more shock vibration.

Other notable features include a classic rosewood bridge with white pins, a set of six tuners in groups of three over the doll, and ornate decorations.

The guitar is very versatile and easy to use, making it ideal for beginners with weak fingers as well as experienced professionals who improvise for countless hours. The only recommendation we have when we buy is to trade the shares with some crunchy Addarios, and that’s it.

James Neligan LIS-P

Manufacturer: James Neligan

A model: LIS-P

Our valuation:

James Neligan LIS P. Acoustic Guitar

Everyone loves a well hidden gem, and we think that’s exactly what James Neligan’s LIS-P guitar is. In our book these six have all the characteristics of a guitar that is at least 50% more expensive. Maybe it won’t be long, and if you like it, we’ll tell you: Now get out of here!

But first, let’s see what this is about. Besides the fact that the guitar looks light, it uses mahogany on the back and sides with a pinewood soundboard. This roll has a solid sound with a light and soft side, making the instrument versatile and able to adapt to all genres and styles.  Moreover, the instrument is very clear, concise and practical. This comfort factor is very firmly anchored by the exceptionally smart mahogany collar with a satin finish. This stuff is super soft and it’s a real pleasure to play with.

The mix also includes a standard rosewood vulture panel with 18 frescoes and characteristic inserts and a fine brown background. For this price, which is less than $500, this is one of the best deals you can get.

Pet passport

Manufacturer: Love of the rock

A model: Passport room

Our valuation:

Passport Room Races Love Atlas Acoustic Electric Guitar in Natural Mahogany

If you love this mahogany pole and are looking for an electric acoustic street guitar – which can be connected to an amplifier or sound system – then the Breedlove Passport six-string guitar is, in our opinion, one of the best choices you can make. If you really want a performance in a small package, a living room guitar that can support life-size models, then you should check this guy out!

With a solid mahogany body and a mahogany neck, this thing is quite strong and powerful, which not only shapes the sound of the instrument, but is also very practical for travelling with a guitar.

The mix also includes a rosewood vulture with 19 frescoes and canteen inserts, as well as a set of chrome tuners.

In the electronics department, we are investigating Fishman’s ISYS preamplifier with USB sensor. When this type is connected to the mains, it retains all its power and the organic sound of the instrument. If you play in clubs with sound systems and you want a guitar that is not difficult to transport, but will cause a boom, then this is the right choice. They say take the guitar to Taylor’s Salon, we say no, take this one!

Acoustic Luna Trinity / Electric Kutaway

Manufacturer: Moon

A model: Troitsky Acoustics / Electric Kutaway

Our valuation:

Luna Trinity Salon of the Kutaway Natural electric acoustic guitar

With the beautiful trinity of the moon we complete the middle price zone. The people of Luna have found their market share by combining creative aesthetics with high-quality sound and craftsmanship.

Speaking of looks, the first thing that pops up is this strange sound hole, which we personally like very much. But if these guitars were just handsome and sporty, they would soon go bankrupt and simply couldn’t survive on the market for that long.

To guarantee this good sound, the manufacturer has combined high-quality rosewood on the back and sides with a solid pinewood soundboard to achieve the characteristic brilliant and resonant vibrating effect. The mix also includes a solid mahogany neck combined with a classic rosewood fingerboard with 18 frescoes and unique Celtic weasel markings.

In terms of sound, this guitar shows very well how you can compensate for the lack of bass units – with exceptional clarity. Trinity is very sonic, clear and precise, making the playing experience a great way to get away from the classic dreadnought style. Try it, the changes are often refreshing!

Perfume guitar under $1000

Blueridge BR-341 Historical Series

Manufacturer: Moon

A model: Troitsky Acoustics / Electric Kutaway

Our valuation:

Blueridge BR 341 Historical Series Living room Guitar

As the first Top Level Domain representative we offer you the BR-341, a very good tool from Blueridge. As part of the Historic series, the six-element sound is reminiscent of the classic models of the 1920s, including the cult punch and the jungle.

The back and sides of the guitar are made of solid mahogany, with a Sitka spruce soundboard. Thanks to the ebony vultures, which feel so soft and natural, this guitar is very comfortable and easy to play.

The look is classic, but you can still feel that the finish is very high quality at first glance. Then we look at a solid mahogany collar, a tutu with 19 frescoes and some white dots.

The instrument also has an adjustable color bar, although in our experience this Blueridge has first-class mechanics and intonation out of the box and requires virtually no adjustment. Other notable features are an Indian rosewood fingerboard and a set of six tuners.

Triangular wooden hood and back (TW73)

Manufacturer: Confusion

A model: TW73

Our valuation:

Guitar with solid mahogany cedar top and back, natural satin (TW73)

Confusion is another hidden gem that we want to present to you, perhaps the most serious competitor on the list in terms of value for money. Everything on this instrument seems standardized and classical, but as soon as you play the first chord, you discover that the sound power is equal to that of the much more expensive six-string.

For example, the Tanglewood is made of solid mahogany at the back and sides and solid cedar at the top. The neck is a beautiful piece of cedar wood, which is a bit unusual for street guitars, but it turned out to be an excellent combination that gave the six-string guitar a special twist and jealousy in a sonic attack.

In addition, the fretboard is made of a pell-mell, which is quite rare, but in combination with a cedar neck, it worked well. The combination made the neck quite strong and durable, but the fingerboard remained soft and easy to play on the fingers, even for beginners.

Other notable features are a rosewood bridge, a tuning device and a beautiful T-logo on top of the grandmother.

Washbasin R319SWKK

Manufacturer: Washbasin

A model: R319SWKK

Our valuation:

Washburn R319SWKK Salon Vintage Natural Acoustic Guitar

If you prefer the roar of the Mississippi delta and want it delivered in a convenient, travel friendly package, get the Washburn R319SWKK.

The buzz was achieved by a carefully selected combination of trombi on the back and sides and a solid spruce soundboard. This sound mix lets all frequencies shine with a powerful midrange punch, ideal for the blues. Note, however, that this is not a blues guitar, as its sound quality and versatility allows the player to immerse himself in different musical atmospheres.

Other notable features are a mahogany handle, which is very strong and not very sensitive to bending, and a high-quality ebony vulture board and bridge. The last two components reduce noise to zero and make handling the rope as comfortable as possible.

The magazines are supplied with a 24.75 inch scale, 48 mm nut width, 16 inch radius and V-shape. It looks dark, elegant and simply sexy.

Simon and Patrick Woodland Pro

Manufacturer: Simon and Patrick

A model: Woodland Pro

Our valuation:

Simon and Patrick Woodland Pro Acoustic Guitar Yale HG

With a small note we would like to introduce you to what we think is the dream guitar of many classical guitarists who want their instrument to be universal and understandable – Simon and Patrick Woodland.

This North American made six has a solid mahogany back and sides, a solid pinewood top, a mahogany neck and a rosewood fingerboard. This seemingly ordinary combination has been professionalised thanks to excellent know-how and very fair prices.

Talk about crafts: The guitar is ready to use as soon as it comes out of the box thanks to an integrated neck, a push nut and a compensated nut. The sound is pure, warm, with excellent midtones and brilliant triplets that spice the whole thing up. Tvang is always there, but so is the bass, which gives a variety of versatility and sound possibilities.

Other notable features include a rosewood bridge with white pins, a package of six tuners that keep the instrument in good condition for a long period of time, and a distinctive main logo. In total the guitar contains 19 frets and classic markers with white dots. For the indicated price this is worth more than the investment.

Court L900C No

Manufacturer: Court

A model: L900C No.

Our valuation:

Courtyard L900C Natural Acoustic Guitar Room Dimensions

If you are looking for a well-balanced guitar, this is the Cort L900C! Although this man is one of the cheapest representatives of the department, worth less than $1,000, he can easily follow the rest of the package and stand out from the crowd with his sound.

What has caught our attention since we started this thing is a special combination of shades – rosewood at the back and sides and a cedar top. The soft vibrations of rosewood, which are regulated in the treble, mix with the power of cedar wood, so that the frequencies are perfectly balanced and everything from the bass to the treble in the final mix can be heard loud and clear.

The guitar also has a solid mahogany neck with an elite fingerboard and an ebony bridge. This combination is stability and strength on the one hand and comfort and fun on the other. Yeah, it’s all absolutely great.

Other notable features include a set of six vintage Grover tuners, white dotted inserts on a blackboard, a decorated socket and a lightweight 5.8-pound camera.

Perfume guitar under $2,000

Blueridge BR-371 Historical Series

Manufacturer: Blue throat

A model: BR-371 Historical Series

Our valuation:

Blueridge BR 371 Historical Series Living room Guitar

When it comes to high quality touring guitars, Blueridge is one of the leading manufacturers, and perhaps the best six-string model they have in store is the BR-371.

By using solid East Indian rosewood on the back and sides, the maker has taken this guitar to a new level of purity and sound, resulting in one of the clearest and most articulated sounds we have ever experienced.

The six strings also use a solid Sitka spruce top and a mahogany neck with a traditional diamond spiral. The neck area is not only strong, but also very balanced, virtually maintenance-free and resistant to various weather conditions.

Also included are a high quality ebony vulture board, an adjustable collet, a grainy ivory band on the body and handle, a maple bridge plate, a 24.75 inch scale, a 1-7/8 inch bone saddle and a set of high quality pegs.

Istman E10P

Manufacturer: Istman

A model: E10P

Our valuation:

Eastman E10P acoustic guitar for the living room

If you would ask us to tell you what our first choice would be for a touring guitar similar to a battleship in terms of bass and treble, yet with your own thing and distinctive home sound, chances are we would choose the Eastman E10P.

The company opted for several standard combinations of mahogany on the back and sides, seasoned with an Adirondack pinewood soundboard. This combination makes all frequencies sound crazy and removes the connotation of raw blues. Whatever style of music you choose, there’s always something in that six-string music that makes it sound like you’ve brought it to the porch in the Mississippi delta area. Which, in our book, is just great.

In general this specific tone will always be present, but so will the bass. Other notable features include an ebony fingerboard and ebony pyramid bridge, as well as a two-way adjustable truss bar, a handmade X-shaped relief and the Martin SP .012 – .054 Phosphor Bronze String Set included. The appearance is excellent and clearly shows that at first glance we are dealing with a first-class product.

Larryway P-03

Manufacturer: Larrywe

A model: P-03

Our valuation:

Larrywe P 03 acoustic guitar in the living room

Another very correct choice is the Larrivee salon guitar – model P-03.

One of the things that immediately struck us about this man is the high quality of his work and probably the best necklace on the whole list. The exciting work on this thing is simply overwhelming – we’re talking about maximum comfort and no unpleasant noises, regardless of your playing style or hand position. Made of a solid piece of mahogany in combination with an African ebony fingerboard with 18 fins, this is a work of art.

For the rest of the mix, the six strings use a solid wood construction on the back and sides of mahogany, combined with a Canadian Sitka pinewood soundboard and struts. It has a 24-inch bowl, a set of six pegs, a decorated frame and an excellent luxury brick.

In terms of sound, it is a rich, resonating, articulated sound. It is undoubtedly a serious instrument, absolutely worthy of an expert.

Perfume guitar under $4000

Martin 00-28VS

Manufacturer: Martin

A model: 00-28VS

Martin 00 28VS

You know what they say: you can’t beat Martin! It costs about $4,000 to get this monster, but you can’t beat him. The 00-28VS comes from a company that has an excellent reputation as one of the largest manufacturers of acoustic guitars the world has ever known. The 00-28VS is a dream come true and a real collector’s item.

But let’s focus on these glasses and the sound, okay? The guitar uses a solid Sitka spruce top and solid East Indian rosewood back and sides, which gives the impeccable sound we were talking about in the Blueridge BR-371. Only the skill is on an even higher level, namely on an even louder guitar.

Anyway, this combo sounds like a resonance wood that further enhances the purity of this cabin guitar, giving it even more space and resonance, while providing a well-balanced groove with all frequencies covered. Is this the perfect tone for street guitar? Yeah, that’s it.

Other notable features include a mahogany handle, a rosewood vulture with 20 fries, a packaging with high quality tuners, a round sock and a Martin brand headpiece. You should buy this guitar if you can afford it? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. What for? Because it’s a work of art. Keep Quentin Tarantino away from him.


In short, each of these instruments deserves the flattering title of best scented guitar on the market. Now you can easily specify your personal needs, preferences and spending budget and mark the item that suits you best. If that’s the case, you can buy one of the guitars listed in our little summary – they’re all guitars you just can’t regret, and we strongly recommend you buy them all. That’s cool. Thumbs up!



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