Yamaha F335 Review of Acoustic Guitar

The Yamaha C40 is probably one of the most popular guitars for beginners. In fact almost every guitarist I date usually has an old C40 they studied or stayed for the occasional drunken jam session. What makes the C40 such a beautiful entry-level guitar?

First impressions

At first glance, the C40 is an unpretentious tool. It has a spruce soundboard and meranti on the back and sides, all polished to a high gloss. The neck of the guitar comes from NATO and the fretboard is made of rosewood. All C40 laminates are laminated, so you can’t expect the level of projection you would expect from a guitar with a soundboard. But these are the sacrifices that manufacturers like Yamaha make for beginning guitars to be able to offer them at such a low price.

The C40 is a full-size classical guitar, but it is still much smaller than for example a battleship acoustic guitar. This makes him a great newcomer for both adults and children. However, as with all classical guitars, the neck is wide enough and requires some stretching to reach the other side. The mechanism of the nylon strings on the other hand is very pleasant for the fingers and makes the first months of a beginner with a guitar relatively easy.


Don’t be fooled by the C40, with its low price and modest appearance. As far as the sound possibilities of the guitar are concerned, one should not expect to find the best instrument in the C40 ($150) price range. And for an unprepared beginner, it can sound like a dream. The sound of the guitar is quite warm, and if you take individual strings, there is a healthy definition.

However, more experienced guitarists will notice that the sound of the guitar is sometimes a bit muffled and that the instrument doesn’t project very well, no matter how long the string is. But according to Yamaha on their website, the C40 is a guitar for beginners, so it’s not designed for professional sound quality.


Another reason why the C40 is such a great new guitar is that it is designed to be easy to hold. I know a guitarist whose first guitar was the C40, which he dropped, hit, scratched and even wet hundreds of times, but is still playable. Of course a few scratches are needed in case of a particularly strong impact, but it is unlikely that this instrument will collapse in the near future.


For an additional cost of around $20, beginners can also purchase the Yamaha C40 as a starter kit, including a soft case, digital tuner, manual and DVD. Even a solid guitar stand is included so you don’t have to leave your instrument lying around.


The most important thing to remember about the Yamaha C40 is that it is a guitar designed for beginners. If you’re an average or advanced guitarist, you really need to invest a little more in a higher class instrument. But if you’re just curious about what a guitar is and want to give yourself the chance to master the instrument without having to pay more than a week, then the C40 is a great investment.



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