Yamaha FG700S Review of Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha F335 Natural Acoustic Guitar

Manufacturer: Yamaha

A model: F335

In the United States, Yamaha is best known for its cars – motorcycles, snowmobiles and even boats – but in Japan, Yamaha has been making instruments for over 60 years. With all this experience, Yamaha offers some of the best guitars at low prices, and the Yamaha F335 is no exception.

Yamaha F335 Technical data

  • Whole body shape Dreadnought
  • soundboard in laminated spruce wood
  • Rozenhout Gryffing Board of Directors
  • 14 chips available, 20 chips in total.
  • Injection molded golden tuners
  • Rosewood bridge
  • Meranti is back.
  • Turtle shell
  • Aspects of Meranti
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty



Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar Black Headband

The Yamaha F335 is not the best built guitar on the market, but it is – a solid . Whitewood is very resistant and not very porous, but this may be due to the poor quality of the wood; the lower the quality of the wood, the lower the risk of discoloration (stain is usually not to be found on pieces that are eventually glued together).

The Meranti side is a nice extra, but on the other hand the costs are visible. The Meranti may not be the most common tree, but it’s a cheap tree, and it almost looks like plastic, which can be uncomfortable for some musicians, especially if the guitar sinks into their belly while sitting on strings.


Yamaha F335 black angle acoustic guitar

The arrival of the Yamaha F335 is certainly one of its weaknesses. The laminate gives the tree an almost unreal impression, which is not good. In general the guitar has a plastic tint, as mentioned above, because the inferior wood is compensated by an enormous amount of laminate. Instead of polishing a decent piece of wood, the company took a bad piece of wood (as many companies do) and simply filled it with imperfections that you can be sure are numerous.

Available colours

The Yamaha F335 is normally available in natural, slightly aged colours, but other variations are also possible. Tobacco Brown Sunburst gives it the look of old school rock’n’roll, although it comes with a different kind of neck wood (Nato instead of Meranti).

It is also available in plain black, which gives it a mysterious look and a brilliant appearance. The material of the freeboard, neck and top remain the same and offer exactly the same richness of sound as the original.

The original version is FD01S in solid, natural color, and is offered at a slightly higher price ($10 more to be exact). The big difference is visible on the mahogany handle instead of the usual meranti.

Photo Color Wood More information
Yamaha F335 Natural Acoustic Guitar Yeah, of course. Yale
Yamaha F335 black acoustic guitar Black Yale
Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar Tobacco Brown Solar Wind Tobacco tanning Yale

Acting and feeling

If you’ve ever broken into a solid Tupperware, you already know exactly how the Yamaha F335 works. With all their knowledge, Yamaha is always absent; the action on the F335 guitars is unusual, cheeky – it’s so high that most new guitarists get sore wrists when they just try to break one of the strings. Novice guitarists need a lighter touch than any other guitarist, and Yamaha completely ignores this fact.


When playing this instrument, the notes have disappeared. They haven’t been taken off the air, at least not in the usual way. Plywood never sounds as good as real wood, but the Yamaha F335 reaches a new low. The bills are lost in the mud of the laminate.

You can play chords, but it is difficult to distinguish notes, even in the simplest triads. Everything that has been played on this guitar goes together until it becomes almost unreadable, which means that guitar beginners will not be able to develop the musical ear that is essential for their progress as musicians.


Most clients find it most suitable for training at home or jamming with friends, while some say it’s suitable for playing in a school band or small halls.

The best thing about this guitar is the relationship between low price and acceptable quality. This is the perfect guitar for beginners, as a gift or even as a replacement guitar to have a better quality next to your main guitar.

The mentioned basic characteristics say that he has a pretty good feeling, plays very funny, has a good consistency and continues to adapt well. One of the best, however, is the price, which is accessible to almost everyone.

However, the quality of the Yamaha F335 is still under discussion. Most experienced guitarists describe it as a children’s instrument or as a guitar in the true sense of the word, but with unacceptable sound quality and maintenance.

Since these notes are ideal for beginners, you should not take them so strictly. Their availability and low costs are aimed at a large mass of potential customers who probably have a budget and are therefore looking for a decent guitar based on their income. Some people find the finish inconsistent.

Skilled workers

  • It’s a pretty good feeling.
  • It’s probably fun to play
  • Approved order
  • Doesn’t break often


  • questionable quality
  • It’s meant to be a beginner’s guitar, so advanced and more experienced players will benefit little or none.
  • It is not very versatile and has few simple practical applications such as training and jamming.

In general there are many guitars that could be superior to the Yamaha F335, but it is really worth the price. There is a big advantage to what is produced in multicoloured versions, with black being the most popular.

Conclusion / value

For a professional it’s just a toy, and for an inexperienced guitarist who just started his search for rock’n’roll, it’s the ideal starting point. In the middle this guitar can be anything but perfect, but anything but bad.

A beautiful natural black or tobacco brown layout, good playability and versatility, an acceptable sound and consistency make this guitar worth a try.

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